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Jim and Renee LarsonWe believe that it is every person’s duty to impact their sphere of influence by implementing what God has placed in their hand. For Every Day Ministries America, our God-given mandate is to equip, empower and encourage the national pastors and leaders of developing nations. We cross denominational lines and are used as an instrument of unity amongst the Christian churches across the Dominican Republic.

There are men and women of God who have a call to reach their people but lack adequate resources and training. We have been called to partner with them and to be a channel which not only provides continual refreshment, but also connects others from around the world with the pastors, leaders, local churches, and communities in the Dominican Republic. We invite you to partner and make a difference...every day.

Featured Projects

Join Every Day Ministries America as we equip and empower national leaders. Invest in a featured project. Provide needed resources and training; and you will multiply the efforts and impact of the influencers.


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