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Daughters of Hope is a Deborah Generation program that brings hope to those forgotten.

What does one do in a crisis? There are numerous adolescent girls in the Dominican Republic who are pregnant and not sure what to do. Various scenarios exist. 


These adolescent moms need information such as what to expect in these upcoming months, how to care for a newborn, childbirth, breastfeeding and future educational options. They also need to know there is a loving God who offers hope and a purpose for their life and the life of their unborn child. 

Daughters of Hope offers a five step program that addresses these topics and others.


Our hope is that this generation of mothers can be truly equipped, empowered and encouraged as they embark upon one of the most important roles in their lives.



Mommy and Me is a program that we implement with moms and their babies after their birth. We do this in a comfortable, playful, and fun atmosphere for the little ones where we provide opportunities for various types of stimulating play between mom and baby.


Additionally, Mommy and Me provides a space for moms to learn about the various stages of development of their babies and how best to care for them. This enables them to better interact with their babies, create strong bonds between them, contribute to their psychomotor development and create a healthy family culture.


Furthermore, this program gives us a platform to continue sowing spiritual seeds into the lives of both mom and baby that we are confident will one day bring forth a beautiful harvest.

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